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How to Bet on a Golf Game

Though a few would say the sport Golf is slow and lacking in the fast-paced action of a soccer match or NBA game, it is still full of thrills and action that is highly enjoyable to watch (and quite addictive to play).

Golf is a sport all about skill, with a large helping of luck, whether it is a random bounce or years of training and upskilling, betting on this sport can produce unexpected wins, which is all part of the fun.

So if you are new to betting on golf, here are the basics you need to know to get started:


Understanding the odds in everything from pokies online to golf might be a challenge for some, as they are set out differently from other sports betting odds. But most bookmakers will make it easy and list the player or tournament odds online, for easy access.

Odds in golf can fluctuate quite a lot depending on the public’s opinion and buy in on that golfer or event.

Types of Bets

First Round Leader bet – these are bets placed on the outcome of the first round in the tournament. In the first round the odds are usually high due to the unpredictable nature of the game.

If you do your homework, and find out who performs well in the first round, or who performs well on that course etc., you could win a very nice first round leader bet.

Each Way Bet – this is when you bet double the amount basically, in the hopes that the chosen golfer finishes high and also wins the event (i.e. $10 to win and $10 to finish high). This bet is more popular in the European region, but check at your local sportsbook if it’s possible in your area.

Odds to Win Bet – this is pretty simple, you have to bet on the winner or you do not win! With the number of golf tournaments heading to playoffs these days it is quite difficult to get this right.

Hedging a Bet – you could have placed a bet on a golfer who is winning, strokes ahead but what if he wobbles and starts to struggle? Hedging your bets and betting accordingly will ensure that if your player fails you, you at least have some bets that could be a winner.

Top Tips

Our top tip is to know your limits, betting is extremely fun and gets the adrenalin pumping so know what your maximum bet is, as well as the fact that there is no way to fully ensure you win each bet placed.

Study your golfers, and their stats, as a well-informed bettor can apply this knowledge and place smarter bets

Make sure you bet on golfers with experience, rather than first time players. Experience is often a good indicator of a winner

Check the weather conditions for the tee time of your player – a windy tee time could lead to betting disasters

Spread your bets out, try and pick 2 to 4 players based on your research to diversify your bets.

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