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Video Poker vs Table Poker – Finding Your Fit

So in a world filled with gaming options, poker is poker right? Not so much when it comes to pitting video poker against table poker.

These two forms of playing poker have the basics of game in similarity but differ quite a bit in strategy, winnings and social aspects.

Let’s have quick look at what video poker is compared to what to expect when playing poker at a table:

About Video Poker

Starting in the late 70’s video poker devices gained popularity in casinos, mainly because they were less intimidating than sitting down at a poker table among possible poker sharks.

Gamers new to the art of poker could still enjoy the game while learning the rules. Although these rules differ slightly to table poker, the feel is similar as the gamer still gets the chance to win!

Video poker is as exciting as Caulfield Cup betting and it has quite a few variants, but the basics of the game is that you receive a random five card draw, you can discard one or more of these cards (only in video poker you can discard all five of these cars) and is drawn a new card from the virtual deck.

Bets are paid out on winning hand combinations, and these payouts are different per video table machine or casino.

Focus on Table Poker

Find an old Western to watch and surely you will see at least one poker match on the go, what is a cowboy if he does not have a cowboy hat on his head or a deck of card on the table? Table poker has been around for hundreds of years in different forms, but as we now play it in casinos, it is a game based on strategy with a ton of “socialising” thrown in for added fun.

The socialising is mainly in the form of bluffing you opponent, but you are not at a poker game to win friends, only win pots!

The basics of playing poker at a table are simple, but can also vary according to the table or casino. Most table poker games start with a blind bet, each player bets how they feel their hand fares compares to the other players and as you go you either match the other players bets, fold and remove yourself or raise the bets.

This form of betting is largely strategic but also involves a good bluff occasionally to not become too predictable or to just have a go at using a bad hand to win the pot.

The Choice is up to You

When visiting a casino, your choice in whether you start out on video poker or table poker is entirely up to your own comfort levels.

Maybe you need a little boost before jumping into a table and the real life bluffing, or maybe you prefer not to be disturbed while playing your game? Then start off with Video poker and grow strategy from there.

Or maybe you would like the thrill and challenge of a live poker game, then join a tournament, maybe start with a low stakes game and find your poker face. A table game of poker can be highly fun and when you develop a great working strategy you can really work on those wins.

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