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Why Video Poker Is A Good Introduction To Table Poker

Poker is one of the most popular card games anywhere in the word. Found in almost every online casino, it attracts crowds of players at all times with its entertaining gameplay and the chance to win huge amounts of money.

Not everyone is good at poker, however, and although it is a card game involving a lot of chance, being able to play well is a huge advantage.

Video Poker is now available in many of the same casinos that offer table poker. The smaller sibling of traditional table poker, video poker can be played alone and often for free. It serves as a great introduction to table poker for a number of important reasons.

Quick And Easy

Poker games can often a take a very long time to play. Players sit around sizing each other up by squinting from behind dark glasses or from under peaked caps. There are many pauses as they consider their next move, and try to outsmart their opponents. Video poker, on the other hand, is quick and easy.

You can play game after game alone, increasing your skill and knowledge with each consecutive hand.

Various Varieties

Like the many online pokies NZ has to offer, video poker comes in a number of varieties. Texas Hold’em, Five Card Stud, and Deuces Wild are just some examples of the array of versions that one can play, sometimes just on one game.

This gives a player a deeper knowledge of the game and allows them much more versatility when it comes to choosing their chosen variety of table poker.

Play For Free

As they say, practice makes perfect. Many video poker versions can be played for free, giving you the chance to really beef up your game. Table poker is very seldom free, and practicing can become an expensive experience.

Video Poker - Intro to Table poker

Gives You Practice Controlling Your Bankroll

Bankroll maintenance is one of the most important things that a poker player has to master, after, of course, the actual game. Those who play above their means and are sucked into the whole feel of the game tend to lose their bankrolls much faster than those who have a bit of experience.

The “One More Coin” feeling that is so present in slot machines is easily overcome with practice and wisdom.

It Prepares You For The Big Hands

Big hands, like royal flushes, very seldom happen in table poker. When they do, the inexperienced player tends to lose their cool and get all excited.

In video poker, this happens much more often, giving you the experience and cool exterior needed for table poker playing.

Its Fairer Than Table Poker

Whereas table poker is prone to human error from live dealers, video poker uses the infamous random number generator or RNG. This is an incredibly hard-working piece of technology that never stops shuffling cards.

It shuffles the deck until you press deal, and then displays the top cards at that moment in time. After that, it shuffles the remaining cards, constantly, at high speed. Table poker has a live dealer, which can make mistakes either in or against your favour. Playing video poker makes you more used to random shuffles and prepares you for any outcome.

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