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The Most Popular Types Of Online Slots Offered By Casinos

The Worlds Most Online Slots

Let’s talk online slots. If you are interested in online casino games, you will know that the choice of games online is almost endless, and that never before have players been able to pick and choose a type of game that truly suits them.

With all the different games on offer, none quite stands out as much as slots, which is by far the most played casino game in the world, with over 60% of all casino visitors logging on just to play online slots.

With the amount of games that are available online, you may wonder just how many different types of online slots there are, and the answer is surprising to most: not many at all.

While slots come in just about every theme imaginable, including various mini games, soundtracks, and limitless choice, most core gameplay has remained the same for the last 50 years.

Whether you are enjoying a simple fruit machine or a multi-reel monster, you will always be able to tell exactly what kind of slot it is.

Fruit Machines

These types of slots harken back to the earliest iterations of the game, and have reigned supreme as one of the most popular type of slots on offer to this day.

Fruit machines pride themselves on being extremely simple and basic, having a maximum of three reels, and usually very little extra content.

The focus here is almost always on the main reels and the classic symbols on them, making fruit machines some of the best online slots for new players to get started with.

Online Slots - Fruit Machines - casino games online

3 Reel and 5 Reel Slots

Here we are getting into the more common types of slots that you will find online, and almost all online casinos will offer a large range of their slots in either 3 reel or 5 reel formats.

The trick with these types of slot is variety, as each one is unique, and while many might have similar themes, you will always find that no two slots are exactly the same.

New Zealand, Australian, and Canadian mobile casinos are some of the more popular sites that offer these kinds of online slots, and they continue to be the most popular types offered to players.

Progressive Slots

Progressive slots have been taking the online casino world by storm in recent years. A progressive slot is a game that is connected to one, large pool of winnings that builds up as players enjoy other connected machines.

The more that play, the bigger the pool grows, until eventually one lucky player wins it all, and it starts all over again.

Progressive online slots are one of the best ways to earn large amounts of winnings, with some jackpots going well into the millions.

3-D Slots

3-D has been around since the 1950s, and while it died down a little due to lack of quality, recent improvements in technology means that 3-D has exploded in popularity once again.

Slot developers were quick to notice this, and before long there were many new and exciting online slots that made use of the latest technologies to create games like never before.

Characters, locations, and gameplay suddenly had more dimensions, and for many it was like playing an interactive video game.

Choosing the right slot for you is, like with most things, a matter of choice. With all the different types of slots available, finding a slot that is perfect for you does not have to be a difficult task.

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