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Live Sports Betting 101

Live betting involves staking on sporting events as they are actually unfolding.

It is fundamentally the same as traditional sports betting in every other way. You also have a range of different wagers and staking markets to choose from and you still have to choose your selections based on what you think is most likely to happen. You take fixed odds at the time of placing a bet and if your selection ends up being correct, you will get paid out. If it is incorrect, you will lose the wager.

Extra Stake Types

Many of the bets that you can place during a sporting event would not be possible with traditional sports betting, however.

Take Goal Scorers in a Soccer Match, for example. In traditional wagering, you can stake on Which Player Will Score First. Once that happens, though, that market is settled. But during live staking, as soon as the first market gets settled, the Next Player to Score opens up and this process gets repeated throughout the entire match, every time someone manages another goal.

Other examples of live betting-only options include Next Team to Score, Time of Next Goal, Next Player to Get Booked, and Time of Next Booking. Then there is Form of Next Set Piece, or Throw-In, Free Kick, Goal Kick, and Corner Kick, and Team to Win Next Corner. As is the case with the top 5 Aussie pokies games, there is just so much more than you expected.

Different Wagers

 While you will be able to find similar markets for other sports, there is also a diverse array of totally different markets available.

In American Football, for example, you can stake on things like How Long the Next Drive Will Be, and whether or not that Drive Will End in a Field Goal, a Touchdown, or a Turnover. In Tennis, you can bet on Which Player Will Break Serve Next or Which Player Will Win the Next Set. Cricket games offer you the chance to wager on Which Bowler Will Take the Next Wicket and How Many Runs Will Get Scored in the Next Over.

It also needs to be said that most of the staking markets available before the event occurs will be available during the event as well. When it comes to Soccer, for instance, betting on the Winner of the Game or the Final Score is still an option when you are live wagering. The only difference is that the relevant odds can change dramatically during the event, depending on how the game’s action is going.

Odds for traditional staking markets often move as the event’s starting time nears, sometimes because circumstances change significantly. This happens during live betting too but in much smaller amounts of time. So, instead of odds being adjusted for the New England Patriots to win before kickoff after Tom Brady is hurt, you take advantage of the split second before the changed odds kick in when it happens while a game is going on.

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