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A Comprehensive Guide to Insurance Bets in Blackjack

Any gambler that has ever had the opportunity to enjoy the online blackjack games that are available in the online market may have noticed that there is a specific type of bet called insurance bets. Most people that play blackjack would be intrigued to find out what this is as the word “insurance” implies safety in a bet.

The truth is that this type of bet is heavily promoted by the casinos online and can be used by any bettor that is playing blackjack.

The real questions here are “What is it?”, “what does it do?” and “how can this benefit my blackjack game?”. This post will dive into the details that surround the insurance bets that can be made online and give a little more understanding into what they do and how to use them.

What are insurance bets?

Put simply, an insurance bet is a type of bet that a gambler can make to hedge a bet that may lose. For example, if a hand is dealt and the dealer has a face up card that is an ace, the dealer has a high chance of getting a blackjack.

This is when the insurance bets come into play. A gambler may then take out an insurance bet that would be equal to half of the original bet that was placed.

The difference on this bet is that it will offer 2 to 1 odds for the gambler. Once this bet has been taken out, the dealer will then look at the gamblers face down card, if this card is a 10 value card, the bet will be won with the new odds, if it is not a 10 value card, the bet will be lost.

Betting strategy - Hedging Your Bets - online betting

Why would this help?

It does seem daunting to think that you would need to take out a second bet in order to make up for a bet that may or may not lose and any NZD casino knows this. So why take the risk?

What is the point? In the purest form, this is not a bet that is used as a play safe for gamblers, and is still a bet. Gambling comes with wins and losses and this is just another form of betting.

The reasons why any gambler would choose to make this bet is to balance out a losing bet with the 2 to 1 odds.

This could come in handy when the original bet is also won. Not only will the gambler win the original bet, but will also win the insurance bet that will leave them with the sum of 2 of the original bets.

Ensure you know what to do when making these bets

It is important for any gambler that wants to take part in blackjack online at any online casino to understand that this is still a bet and the word “insurance” does not imply a guarantee.

The use of this bet is to hedge a bet and balance out losses.

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