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 A Guide to Darts Online Betting

Darts is not just an activity found in pubs, bars and basements. It has in fact become a professional sport and is becoming more and more popular. Bettors can bet on professional darts that are televised around the world and if a specific country does not televise the particular competition or tournament then bettors can keep up to date with them online.

Some of the major darts tournaments around the world include the UK Open, the PDC World Championship, the Las Vegas Desert Classic, the Premier League, the BDO World Championship, the World Grand Prix and the World Match Play.

Using the Online Platform for Darts Betting

Online betting is a popular platform for betting on darts as it provides convenience and plenty of information with regards to players and odds. When it comes to the widespread availability of betting on this sport, bettors are somewhat limited with the types of bets available but not all online sportsbooks are limited and out of those that are not, there are some of the top sites to choose from.

These sites offer bonuses to bettors signing up and returning as well as safety and reliability. Bettors must take note of country and currency acceptance as well as the variety of bets available for darts. The top rated online sportsbooks offer live darts betting online and have the most accurate odds for any competition or tournament and will regularly update if any changes occur.

The Types of Bets Available for Darts

The different bets available for darts range from basic bets made before the competition or tournament commences to live bets made as the competition or tournament unfolds.

The types of bets include match bets and outright winners. Match bets are placed on who will win and as there are no ties or draws involved in darts there is no option for that except in the Premier League which is the only tournament that allows for draws. The outright winner bet should be placed prior to the tournament commencing as this is where there are better odds.

The most 180’s bet is placed on the player predicted to score the most 180’s during the tournament. There are the highest three dart average, nine dart finishes and highest double percentage bets too which are common straightforward bets. Other darts bets include overs and unders, handicap betting, tournament outrights and correct scores.

Some Basic Rules for Darts Betting

There are some basic rules involved in darts betting which may or may not include additional rules or slight differences at different online sportsbooks. Check with the online sportsbook to find out what the exact rules are.

This is not a majorly physical sport and rarely encounters injury to players but if for any reason a player is unable to complete a competition all bets based on that player and the match are voided. It is only if the match is postponed and replayed within a short period of time that the bets will not be voided.

If a player withdraws from a tournament for any reason the next player that will progress to the next round will automatically be deemed the winner of that particular round.