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Your Essential Guide to Darts Betting

Darts has grown massively in popularity as a betting sport lately, likely due to its proliferation across the internet and online bookmaking websites.

This thrilling precision sport involves players consistently hitting targets less than a square inch in size at distances of just 7 feet, 9.75 inches.

The World Grand Prix, which is held each year in Dublin, even requires players to hit doubles before they can progress to the treble 20 bed.

Betting on darts events and tournaments has become easier than ever over the past decade in order to allow more fans to cash in on their favourite sport.

The game has largely moved away from the smoky pubs where it was once popular, appearing as an option at countless retail and online bookmakers and boasting some highly skilled and talented players from around the world.

Top Darts Events to Wager On

There are many different events one can wager on when it comes to darts, but there are a few iconic events on the annual calendar that passionate punters don’t want to miss.

The World Darts Championship in December/January each year is one, and others include the UK Open in March, the World Matchplay in July, the World Grand Prix in October and the Grand Slam of Darts in November.

There is hardly a month that goes past without exciting darts tournaments to engage with nowadays, especially since the sport is becoming wildly popular in Austria, Germany, Holland, Belgium, China, South Africa, and even Japan. If you find a good international bookmaker to sign up with, you will likely be able to bet on events from all of these regions and more.

Different Bets in Darts

There are a few different bets that one can place on most darts games, and each is subtly different, just like those in online casino NZ games. They include wagering on:

  • The Match Winner: this is when you simply back one player to win a match, either in set play or match play. In larger league-based tournaments like the PDC Premier League and Grand Slam of Darts, you may also be able to back a draw.
  • Correct Score: this is simply a wager placed on the correct score in a game. This is one of the most popular markets to bet on as the odds are much better than betting on straight win markets, and it can also be quite lucrative if your guess proves accurate.
  • Most 180s: This market involves choosing a player you think will hit the most 180s in a match. A ‘180’ is also known as a ‘maximum’, and is the highest score that can be achieved in darts with 3 dart hits (3 triple 20s).  You can also bet on Total 180s, which is the total number of 180s achieved in a match.
  • Handicap 2 Way: some darts players are more skilled than others, so bookmakers will have them priced on odds. Bookies will handicap these better players in order to give weaker opponents a head start when it comes to wagers.

Key Betting Strategies for Punters

Like most other sports, darts betting can also be accompanied by a few key strategies. The first, and easiest, of these is to do extensive research on the players involved in your tournament or game before you place any wagers. Studying their form is a great way to predict who will come out victorious.

Managing your bankroll is also important; never bet more than you can afford to, and if you’re experiencing a ‘bad streak’, cut your losses come back to it another day!

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