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A short guide on how to behave when visiting a casino

So you are heading to Vegas (or maybe just the local great casino in your city) but you have never been before and all you know about casinos has been learned from watching the Hangover. This is not the way to act, unless you actually want to spend some time in jail, do not do as the wolf pack did!

It is most likely that people will be able to tell you are fresh and uninitiated at a casino no matter how you behave, so relax and have fun but respect the rules of that casino.

Here is our simple guide how to behave in a casino:

– Be nice – sounds simple, but if you are an obnoxious bore you will get noticed and possibly removed. Always be polite to any casino staff member and other patrons – be a nice human!

– Nomophobia – fear of not having your phone on hand, get used to this feeling if you want to have fun at a casino as you should never use your mobile at a table. If you need to use your mobile, step away from the table.

– Focus – you are there to have fun, but be mindful of the other players and dealer by not spending too much time making a decision

– Basics – if you are joining a game, do a bit of research on the basics of the game (we have some guides to help). Learning the basics beforehand also helps with making sure you do not waste time trying to figure out what is going on. If you are loathe to show your Casino naivety in public, why not try out some online slots Canada has to offer before going to a land based casino.

– Bet or go – do not sit down at a table f you have no intention of betting, you are taking up an actual players seat

– Casino rules – make sure you know the rules for the specific casino you are going to, as many casinos across the world have different rules so do not just assume. Make sure to check on dress codes, for example you do not need to dress up for slots but should make an effort for the higher stakes games.

– Cash – never ever hand cash to the dealer at the table, place it in full view of staff (and the cameras) on the table and the dealer will then take it from there. And if you do win loads of cash, try opt for a check or make sure to get security to escort you to your transport – people have been robbed of their winnings, so be safe!

– Drink – and be merry but not too merry. Drink in moderation, you are there to have fun not to throw up on a potted plant and be removed by security.

– Tipping – sometimes it is not mandatory and sometimes it is mandatory but not in writing i.e. do some research on that casinos tipping policy to make sure you do not being a idiot. Tipping amount is generally up to your own generosity

So try out our quick and easy guide on how to behave at a casino, we hope you have fun!

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