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The Best Blackjack Strategies for a Winning Edge

Like most casino table games, blackjack is heavily reliant on the luck of the draw. However, this is one of those games that also incorporates an element of skill into the mix, allowing you to enhance your winning odds by using strategies as you see fit.

As a result, there are countless blackjack strategies out there to be explored; some of them are effective, while others are only good in theory.

Although you can never be guaranteed a win in a game of chance, there are definitely some things you can do to enhance your winning odds in a game of blackjack and tilt the cards in your favor. Read on for some of the most reliable strategies out there and how they might help you out!

Understanding Blackjack Hands

To understand blackjack strategy, you need to understand blackjack itself. The pastime has around 100 different hand situations which play themselves out automatically; for example, if you have a score of 13 and your dealer’s face-up card is showing a 5, it’s pretty much guaranteed that you should hit and take another card. With that said, some positions require more thought, which is where strategies often come in.

As an example, if you are holding a pair of 6’s and the dealer’s card is showing a 4, you could either split your 6’s, take another card, or simply stand with 12 and hope for the best.

Instead of relying purely on intuition and luck, however, you can incorporate mathematical statistics into the mix to give you a better chance of coming out on top.

Ultimately, you will want to use strategy to reduce the house’s edge as much as possible while eliminating your own risk of busting before getting to that sweet 21-point score.

Use and Memorize Strategy Charts

Our first tip for mastering a good gaming strategy is to look up some strategy charts on the web. There are countless charts out there, and while they may look complicated at first glance, they can be extremely helpful in giving you a winning edge.

You will need to find a chart that corresponds to the number of decks used in your specific chosen game, as the number of decks in play has a significant effect on the statistics involved.

From there, study your chart well, and you will soon memorize how you should react in certain situations to minimize the house edge and achieve a natural hand wherever possible.

You can even print out a strategy sheet to keep next to you while you play, especially if you are playing online blackjack.

For bingo hall Sweden players, there are unique strategy charts and tips to be found on the web as well!

Our Handy Tips for Beginners

For the beginners out there, complex charts can seem intimidating, so here are a few basic guidelines for your blackjack game:

  • Only hit until you have a score of 17 in your hand
  • Hit if you have an Ace and a 6, and stand if you have an Ace and a 7 or any higher scoring hand
  • Double down on 10 or 11
  • Always split pairs of Aces and 8s, but never split 10s or 6s
  • Only split pairs of 7s if the dealer’s card is a 7 or lower
  • Never take insurance or even money bets – their payout rates are low compared to the risk you take betting on them!
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