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The Basics of Betting on Tennis

When you start out betting on tennis, there are a few things to consider before placing your first bet.

This highly entertaining sport can seem simplistic as hitting ball between two players can seem easy.

But it can be an intense battle of skills between two (or 4 for doubles matches) that can create a thrilling opportunity for betting odds.

So here are some basics to consider before starting out:

Learn some rules

So you have seen some matches on TV, but do you know your love from your deuce? Here is a quick game guide to set you straight:

– Each match is two to three set; to win a set you must win a minimum of six games

– scoring starts on zero (Love), first point is 15, second is 30, then 40 ad then the game point which wins

– The winner of the toss serves from behind the baseline, on the right between singles sideline and the centre mark.

– Serves must go over the net, and bounce in the service box opposite you. You have a second try before losing a point, grazing the net gets you a do over

– once the ball is in play and hit back and forth, the person who misses, hits out of bud or in the net loses a point to their rival

– A tied score of 40 all (a deuce) will be broken by the player who wins two points in a row

– To win a set, you must win six games

– To win the match, the player must win two out of three sets

How to bet on Tennis

There are a few factors to consider from the skills of the opponents playing each other to the skill of each player on the different types of surfaces the match will be played on. For example, Australian Open tennis betting would be dependent on how the players are seeded, but also on how they handle the hard court that is used in this Open.

So here are few terms to familiarise yourself with before betting:

Handicap – some lower seeded players will be given a certain amount of games or sets advantage over their opponents to equal out the game. This handicap set by each bookmaker, and you can bet on the underdog or the higher seeded layer t win.

Total games – the bookmaker sets a figure of how many games will be played in the match, so vet on how many games over or under that figure

Money Line – simple, a bookmaker will offer odds on a player to win the match

Outright – similar to money line, a bookmaker will offer odds on a player to win the tournament

Finally, choose your bookmaker

Do some research into bookmakers, even if you are going to you local bookie, find out if they are reputable. Doing some research on them before hand could save you money and hassles down the road.

Try use bookmakers who have positive reviewed by betting experts, and try comparing these verified bookies to ensure best odds possible.

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