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Betting insights

Beginners Guide: Getting Started with Sports Betting is here for one simple reason: to assist punters of all levels of experience in improving their chances of success with betting on sports. There is an incredible range of online sportsbooks and betting markets to choose from and new punters in particular can find the seemingly endless options to be overwhelming, but if you follow my advice you’ll be punting like a pro in no time!

Find a Top-Notch Online Sportsbook

The first step to sports betting success is finding an online sportsbook that accepts punters from the country in which you reside. Review and recommendation sites should not be overlooked for assistance in this endeavour as they put each recommended site through a rigorous testing process to ensure they endorse only the best.

Bet What You Know

Once you’ve created and funded your online betting account it will be time to place some wagers. However, I cannot stress enough how important it is for you to bet what you know. In other words don’t bet on an obscure market if you’ve never ever laid eyes on a game or match! If you’re interested in a new market, do plenty of research ahead of time.

Consider the Timing of Your Bets

What many sports betting fans may not know is that the odds fluctuate depending on what the market does. News about player injuries, the weather, and the behaviour of the betting public will have an effect on the odds, and the timing of a wager can be as important as how to bet. Keep an eye on fluctuations and strike while the iron is hot.

Shop the Odds on Offer

Odds fluctuate depending on the behaviour of the market, but they will also differ from sportsbook to sportsbook. It’s for this reason that I recommend all punters create an account at more than one online sportsbook, and keep the accounts funded for online betting at a moment’s notice. You don’t want to miss out on great odds due to waiting periods on funds.

Don’t Bet With Your Heart

Putting money down on a team that you’ve been following for years simply because they’re ‘your’ team, irrespective of the price, is a really short route to a diminishing bankroll. Sports betting can be a tricky business, and I always advise punters to bet with their heads, not their hearts.

Money Management for Success

Money management may in fact be the most important factor when it comes to online betting success, as you don’t want to end up in the bad position of relying on a win to get through the month. Set up and a budget and stick to it. Only ever bet what you can afford!

Start Low and Slow

Sports betting is the patient punter’s game and the most successful punters have small wins over time. When you’re just getting started, take it easy, and no matter how good a tip you have, do not put your entire bankroll on the line. You will, more often than not, live to regret it.

Take Advantage of Expert Advice

There are plenty of online betting forums, blogs, and message boards out there, just like! While I endeavour to offer advice on every aspect of the sports betting industry, you can never have expert advice, and visiting sites such as mine on a regular basis is advised.

Hopefully this Stoopid Pigeon has offered helpful advice and good luck!